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Every black hole contains another universe – NatGeo


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Infiltrating Jihadis’ World – Officer Goes Undercover in Terror Fight

“Local Muslim groups have criticized the infiltration of the Muslim community by investigators from the Intelligence Division as a form religious profiling.”

But they’re infiltrating groups that gather in Islamic bookstores to watch the “Top 10” killings of U.S. soldiers. These are groups of people that hat have an uninhibited disregard for human life, and specifically American lives. (And no, “groups of people” here does not refer to all Muslims, but Islamist radicals like Revolution Muslim). Who is doing the profiling?

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Hunting the Elusive Hipster

Excerpt: “Maybe the reason it’s so ill-defined is that it’s a term almost never used from within. You almost never see a person who self-identifies as a hipster; you are much more likely to be left to cobble together a definition of “hipster” from the empty spaces left behind after everybody else is through defining themselves as emphatically, in no way, under no circumstances, any kind of a hipster. That’s the context where you’ll generally see it used: Hipster = bad, not me, that which I push against. But that’s also exactly where the whole thing falls apart.”

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